Using Flowers And Digital Sculptures To Celebrate The Female Form

The use of digital mediums has become absolutely prolific in the 21st century, and some would decry its perceived excessive use. Others, like Jean-Michel Bihorel of France, seek to show the detail, beauty, and realism that can be afforded to us by these mediums.
Based in Paris and working as a professional 3D artist since 2008, Jean-Michel spends his free time experimenting with digital sculptures to create beautiful and surreal works of art.
Perhaps others may feel differently, but the cracked marble exterior and the use of flowers could symbolize the beauty and fragility of women, or perhaps it is simply an appreciation and visual representation of the natural beauty that the female form can convey.
Whatever your thoughts and opinions, the work is beautiful and can certainly stir your thoughts and emotions, which is what art should often strive to do.





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