Flowing Stone Sculptures And Designs From Canada

The Ancient Art of Stone is a company run by artists and designers Naomi Zettl and Andreas Kunert. Based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, these two have helped create truly stunning and eye-catching works of art for their clients. It is some of the best stone work you could ever hope to see in terms of arrangement rather than carving.

Based in the Canadian city of Victoria on Vancouver Island, they are partners in life as well as business. Their mission is quite simple. “Our aspiration in coming together, is to create sacred spaces, portals and other connective works of art that allow our clients and viewers a visual glimpse of the other-side, what is invisible to our human eyes but felt within.”



They are available for commissions, and their work ranges from decorative fireplaces to stone murals, walls, and even outdoor kitchens among other incredible and unique opportunities. And if you don’t live in the immediate area, they are willing to ship all the materials for a price.


If you do not have the money but want to appreciate the work, they do sell prints of their astounding work. The flow of many of their pieces takes the rigid strength of rock and interprets it as moving water instead, making for a dazzling display of multicolored stones. They have certainly made home design features worth talking about.








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