French Artist Transforms A Cake Into A Zoetrope

Zoetropes have fallen by the wayside these days, but can still be found being used in niche exhibits. A zoetrope was a type of pre-film animation device that could produce an illusion of motion by displaying sequences of drawings that spun around and could be viewed through an eye hole. However, very rarely were they edible and as delicious-looking as this.
French Artist Alexandre Dubosc is currently fascinated by “food” as a concept and explores various foods in new and inventive ways. His food-based zoetropes (some even inspired by Tim Burton) are some of the results. This specific example deals with popcorn, and even manages to tie in Pac-Man as part of the visual display.
When spun around, the carefully arranged pieces come to life; an assembly line of odd and surreal gorging of the gullet with a satisfying popcorn crunch. It’s an amazing cake that would not be an unwelcome sight at a wedding. It all flows together so beautifully you almost wish it wouldn’t stop.


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