These French Ceramics Blend The Beauty of Nature And The Female Form

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and French artist Juliette Clovis endeavors to exploit that. She makes beautiful porcelain representations of a myriad of hybridized motifs. Her works often merge history, myth, and nature with the female form. The results are bold and delightful to look at.



Her wonderfully crafted busts are striking in their contrast. This is only amplified by the realization that the additional ‘abnormalities’ are, in many cases, creatures that many of us would consider beautiful. They are covered in punk rocker spikes, flora, and fauna. They will certainly challenge most internal definitions and expectations of beauty.



Born in Poitiers, France but currently living and working in Bordeaux, France, Juliette is a contemporary artist that can often be found working on the representation of women and the female identity in history and modern society. Her porcelain chimeras are a testament to her inventive vision and knack for artistic commentary.





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