Frost Transforms These Frozen Cars Into Art Pieces

Frost is a usual winter phenomenon, but depending on the right conditions, frost can form beautiful patterns. Window frost, or fern frost, or ice flowers is formed when a glass pane is exposed to freezing temperatures on the outside, and moderately moist air on the inside. This causes the water vapour particles to freeze to the glass in tree-like or star-like patterns. These patterns are affected and altered based on the imperfections in the glass, or dust particles. These photos reflect the beauty that nature can have, even in the coldest of months.

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#2 – Frozen car window.

#3 – Frozen rain.

#4 – Ice feathered.

#5 – Mother nature made some ice art on this car this morning.

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#6 – Morning sun hitting some frost on a car roof.

#7 – Looks like wings or something!

#8 – From inside my car.

#9 – The whole car was covered like this!

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#10 – Frozen bubbles on the whole car.

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#11 – Frost rows created by the defroster heating strips on the rear window.

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