Giant “Story Pod” Book Exchange Doubles As A Lantern At Night

In the Newmarket area of Toronto, Canada there is a fantastic project afoot. A very unique and mysterious structure constructed by the architecture studio AKB popped up in a local park. Rather innocuous on the outside, what’s inside is delightful and a modern reflection of our world.
You see, traditional print media is largely dying a slow and agonizing death. Newspaper and magazine sales have been in decline, many bookstores are in the red, and some book chains don’t even exist anymore. Everything has been replaced by compact and efficient tablets and e-readers like the Kindle. AKB’s “Story Pod” hopes to help in some way.
The pod opens up like a book to reveal a communal library with books and benches. It’s an exchange where you take a book, leave a book, or just have a read of what’s there and relax for a while. When night falls, the doors are locked to protect the books. Solar-powered LED lights transform the pod into a large lantern that lights up the park. We’re a little jealous that Canadians get to enjoy this first.







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