Giant Xylophone In A Forest Plays Bach When A Ball Is Rolled Down It

Though we often think of Japan as being nothing more than endless cities with temples and zen gardens breaking up the concrete towers, there is a great amount of natural beauty and splendor to be found outside the city limits. In one picturesque and suitable forest, a most unusual art and design exhibit was installed.

A Japanese agency called ‘Drill Inc.’ built a giant xylophone in the middle of the forest, but they built it in such a way that it plays a tune when a ball is gently rolled down the xylophone itself. In fact, it plays Bach’s Cantata 147; “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.”
The xylophone is more than a mile long in order to play the song, and it was all done for a rather surprising reason. It was to advertise a wood-encased cellphone.

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