Gigantic Sculpture Cast From The Trunk Of A 140-Year-Old Tree

This sculpture, titled Middle Fork, was unveiled at the MadArt space in Seattle, and is the latest work by artist John Grade. John Grade is an artist living and working in Seattle. He has a preoccupation with exploring issues of irrevocable environmental change. This particular endeavour took roughly a year to complete. It began when Grade and a group of assistants chose a 140-year-old Western Hemlock tree in the North Bend region of Washington State. They climbed the tree and began the painstaking process of creating a plaster mold of the tree trunk, sometimes at heights of 90 feet, which was then carefully taken to the workshop in Seattle where a team of volunteers began to replicate the moldings of the tree using pieces of wood.

This piece will be featured at the MadArt space until April 25th, 2015, at which time it will go on to tour galleries and art fairs in the United States. In two years, the sculpture itself will be brought back the the base of the living tree that is its inspiration. It will be left there to decay back into the environment.

via John Grade – h/t Colossal

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