Girls Are Going Gaga For Lipstick With Real Flowers Inside

As a man, I am unsure of the practicality, efficiency, and usefulness of putting flowers in lipstick. However, it certainly makes for a beautiful sight and can easily become a part of someone’s aesthetic. These are physically gorgeous, no matter who you are.

The company in question that has produced these works is called Kailijumei, and they are a Chinese-based company that has recently expanded to the United States. Not much is known about them, but they have made a bit of a splash on the internet.

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Their products have real flowers and specks of gold embedded in the jelly, and they have a light pink tint that changes color depending on both your body temperature and your body’s pH level. It’s certainly interesting and has an artistic element to it.

What do you think? Would you buy flowered lipstick?

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What Do You Think?

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