Giving The Power Washer A Whole New Purpose

Imgur user Jonfinity, has created cool art inspired by pop culture with nothing more than chalk and a power washer; thus giving him the title “Power Wash Artist”.”¨

“¨Below are “the many reasons why you don’t leave me unattended with a power washer and expect me to not attempt to art with it.” ~Jonfinity

Images via Imgur

The Joker

Chalking out the image first.

Then lining it out, making sure to make the white areas thinner, and the dark areas wider than normal.

“Attempting an image with more dark then light, so went with everyone’s favorite robot.” ~Jonfinity

Minimalist design – approx. 30 minutes start to finish.

Tree Spirits + Shy Guy
Start to finish approximately 1 hr 30 minutes, including chalking out.

“By far the hardest power wash out of this whole album. It was smaller than the rest and had the smallest room for error.” ~Jonfinity

Majora’s Mask
Start to finish approximately 5 hours including chalking out.

Size comparison – the artist is 5’10”, so you can see how gigantic this is.

Frank the Bunny
Start to finish approximately 3 hours, including chalking out.

Size Comparison

The Power Washer

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