Handmade Floor Rugs And Coasters In The Shape Of Breakfast Foods

Life imitates art and vice versa. I say this because breakfast can be a beautiful meal. One Wisconsin-based artist known simply as ‘Carly D.’ loves breakfast foods so much she’s using them for inspiration. Her Etsy shop now sells floor rugs and coasters in the shape of many common and favourite breakfast foods.



Obviously she started with a fried egg throw rug, but she had branched out to include a bacon and an avocado rug. Each of them looks almost good enough to eat. Here’s hoping that a toast rug is soon on its way. She also takes requests for custom rugs for those that want them.



On top of it all, she has toast and fried egg coasters for sale, as well as avocado slice coasters on the way. She also has a rather humorous “grilled cheese” coaster set that, when stacked correctly, resembles a grilled cheese sandwich. They are handmade, delightfully fun, and almost good enough to eat.

via EtsyInstagram




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