Hardscaping Dry Stone Garden Spheres That Feel Entirely Natural

In a testament to their skill, these impressive structures are not held together with concrete, mortar, or glue. Instead, these beautiful structure are stabilized and supported by their own weight. Such is the skill of Devin Devine.
Devin worked for 10 years in landscaping, masonry, and outdoor construction before he started his own company in 2007. His mission was to be a stone mason that could create wholesome and inspiring spaces for people. The ultimate result were these beautiful spheres made out of stone.
Though quite unnatural, their flow and seemingly smooth natural edges introduce an element of surreal wonder in the garden. It is something that does not truly belong, yet doesn’t feel out of place. Devin manages to take rigid and flat stones and make them swirl, adding another layer of beauty to his creations. They are simply sublime.






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