Hauntingly Beautiful Photographs Of Autumnal Forests

(Feature Image: ‘Kingdom of Silence’ by Janek Sedlář)
As the warmest months give way to the cooler days of autumn, we see trees shed their leaves; the paths beneath them quite literally littered with gold and copper hues. There is nothing like a quiet walk through the woods on days like those. Feeling the same way, Czech photographer Janek Sedlář strikes out into the forests and meadows and captures their immense beauty.
While he originally studied ceramics before changing his focus, he’s entirely self-taught. Having been through a rough patch in his life, he found himself spending more and more time in the rural countryside. Noticing the incredible beauty around him, he began to capture his surroundings with the help of his camera.
Saying of his experience “it’s amazing to walk through the early morning fog forest landscape when there’s not another soul…In these moments you fully realize the beauty of life. These unique experience but words cannot convey, you just needs to be present and fully experience the moment with all your senses.”
Sedlář captures the haunting and quiet beauty of the Carpathian forests with incredible skill and talent. The explosions of light and colour juxtaposed with ominous fog leaves one feeling as though they are about to enter another world.

Anxious poetry of autumn

Emerald vision

The light shine on everyone equally

Under the protection of light

Shaman_s road on the other side

Mezmerising poetry of autumn

Forgotten realm

The road to cleansing mind

Be on the road with warmly thoughts

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