Heartwarming Photo Tribute by a Father and Daughter to Say Goodbye to Mom

After losing his wife Ali to cancer two years ago, it was time for Ben Nunery to say goodbye to the home he built with her. The home they started their married lives together in and brought Olivia to after she was born. To commemorate such a big step in his and his daughter’s life before moving away, he decided to recreate his wedding photos in the empty house just like when he married Ali. Having world-class photographers in the family, he asked his sister Melanie Pace to join them in taking those memories with them with one last photoshoot.

The resulting images are a genuinely touching tribute to their wife and mother Ali, and to their old home filled with unforgettable memories.

Photo credit: Melanie and Adam Pace Loft3 photography

Ali preparing on the wedding day.

Olivia finds and plays with the curling iron just like mommy was obsessed with twirling her hair.

Olivia playing on the stairs where her mom walked down to Ben for their very first look of each other on the wedding day.

Feathers have been a consistent token from her. Here’s Olivia picking up a white feather she found during the photoshoot.

Ben playing Stevie Wonder’s “I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)”, the song him and Ali danced to on their wedding.

This angel sits in Olivia’s room and she calls her “Mommy.” They talk to her and play with her every day.

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