Hyper-Realistic Drawings You’ll Want To Grab Through Your Screen. #17 Looks Insanely Real!

Marcello Barenghi is an italian illustrator that has found a massive Youtube following for his impeccable speed drawings. In each video, Barenghi shows his audience how he starts from a blank paper and finished with a hyper-realistic drawing. Some of his most popular videos include his rendition of a bottle, Iron Man, a fried egg and a Euro bank note.

Artist – Marcello Barenghi

#1 – A fried egg

#2 – Transformers Bumblebee

#3 – Iron Man

#4 – A silver pitcher

#5 – A bag of M&M’s

#6 – A Twix bar

#7 – A whisky glass

#8 – A toothpaste tube

#9 – An empty can of beans

#10 – Another can of beans

#11 – An apple

#12 – A glass jar of Nutella

#13 – An aquamarine

#14 – A marble

#15 – A Spanish helmet

#16 – A lightbulb

#17 – A bottle of Oddka vodka

The following speed drawing of the bottle took him 4 hours and 23 minutes. It’s stunning to watch! (~3 mins)

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