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Artist Makes Rugs From The Most Unlikely Material
This Is The Most Intricate Origami You Have EVER Seen
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Mummified Monk Found Inside A 1,000-Year-Old Buddha Statue
Anamorphic Sculptures by Jonty Hurwitz
The result of a mass of technology and human ingenuity
Jonty Hurwitz creates anamorphic sculptures – or "pieces of mathematics" that can only be seen when facing a reflective cylinder. His artworks have algorithms as their essence, and are the result of a mass of technology and human ingenuity. According to Hurwitz, we live in an age where computational power has overtaken the capability of the human brain, and these anamorphic sculptures are a welcoming message to the "Generation Pi".

Yogi Banker
Copper and Chrome

Kiss of Chytrid
Acrylic, Resin, Powder and Steel

Copper and Chrome

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