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Japanese Dragon Paintings Done, For The Most Part, With A Single Brush Stroke
The Amazing Coffee Kiss Sculptures of Johnson Tsang
Hypnotic Ceramic Art By Korean Master Potters
Old Clothing Transformed Into Modern Sculptures
Chandeliers Made From Recycled Bike Chains by Facaro
Bee Art You Won't Bee-Lieve
Anamorphic Sculptures by Jonty Hurwitz
The result of a mass of technology and human ingenuity
Jonty Hurwitz creates anamorphic sculptures – or "pieces of mathematics" that can only be seen when facing a reflective cylinder. His artworks have algorithms as their essence, and are the result of a mass of technology and human ingenuity. According to Hurwitz, we live in an age where computational power has overtaken the capability of the human brain, and these anamorphic sculptures are a welcoming message to the "Generation Pi".

Yogi Banker
Copper and Chrome

Kiss of Chytrid
Acrylic, Resin, Powder and Steel

Copper and Chrome

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Bee Art You Won't Bee-Lieve
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