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National Flags Made From Each Country's Traditional Foods
As part of a promotion for the Sydney International Food Festival, the advertising agency WHYBIN\TBWA designed 18 national flags using foods each country is commonly associated with and that would also match the colors of the flag.

Above: Italy - basil, pasta and tomatoes

curry chicken, rice, cheera thoran and papadum wafer
banana leaf, limes, pineapple and passion fruit

dragon fruit and star fruit

United States
hot dogs, ketchup and mustard

olives and feta cheese

tuna and rice

tomatoes, pita bread and parsley

rambutan, lychee and starfruit

meat pie and sauce

South Korea
kimbap and sauces

blue cheese, brie cheese and grapes

United Kingdom
scone, cream and jams

Turkish Delight

chorizo and rice

spicy curries and rice

sweet chilli sauce, shredded coconut and blue swimmer crab

charcuteries and swiss cheese

Client: Sydney International Food Festival
Advertising Agency: WHYBIN\TBWA, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Garry Horner
Creative Director: Matt Kemsley
Art Director: Miles Jeffreys
Copywriter: Tammy Keegan
Photographer: Natalie Boog
Retoucher: Nick Mueller
Food Stylist: Trish Heagerty
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Daily Weekly
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