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The Cancun Underwater Museum
Over 400 Permanent Life-Size Sculptures By Jason Decaires Taylor
Located in Quintana Roo, Mexico, the Cancun Underwater Museum is one of the largest underwater artificial attractions on Earth. It consists of over 400 permanent life-size sculptures made by English artist, Jason deCaires Taylor. Designed to become artificial reefs, the sculptures are all made from ph neutral clay in order to promote the growth of coral reef and marine life around them. Each sculpture is molded from real models and has it’s own meaning such as 'The Dream Collector', 'The Gardener', 'The Banker', 'Man on Fire' and 'The Silent Evolution'.

All images were captured by photographer Jason de Caires Taylor. More of his work can be found here.
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Makeup Artist Creates Incredible Homage To Cherished Cartoon Characters
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