Brilliant Mosaic Illustrations by Charis Tsevis
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Charis Tsevis is a brilliant visual designer living and working in Athens, Greece. He is renowned all over the world for his creative minds and has done work for companies like Nike, PepsiCo, Toyota and IKEA. Every piece he creates usually depicts a single element – a person, an object or an animal – that reveals an incredible amount of details upon closer look. You're bound to find something new every time you admire his intricate creations.

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We are living in a wired world.

THE REGGAE HALL OF FAME: The Conquering Lion
"To promote Jamaican music and to help education in Jamaica"

HARRISON & STAR: Wired nerves
"A girl made out of wires representing her nervous system for their ad targeting neurologists"

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Does the internet make you smarter?
"Illustration for an article by Clay Shirky on the Wall Street Journal about the impact of internet use on our brain"

The Roaring Lion and His Serene Lioness

A secret message!

More editorial illustrations published around the globe

Hugh Laurie for TV Guide
"A mosaic portrait of Hugh Laurie (Dr.House) made out of pills for the cover of TV GUIDE Magazine (USA)"

Shaquille O'Neal for Fast Company
"Made out of the brands and the products he is promoting"

Thom Yorke & Coachella by the numbers for OC Weekly

Human skull evolution (for Discover magazine)
"Mosaic illustration of a human skull for May 2011 cover of Discover magazine (USA)"

Dead rich for Evening Standard magazine

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