Iconic VW Beetles Twisted And Compressed Into Spheres And Cubes

(Feature image via Sharon Pittaway and her blog.)

Sometimes crushing things is weirdly satisfying. The satisfying crunch of a leaf in the palm of the hand is something that many people enjoy. Even seeing a trash compactor do its job can be oddly amusing, and the resulting symmetry of the cube almost artistic. Indonesian sculptor Ichwan Noor has taken that aesthetic and expanded it.

This talented artist based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia has taken the iconic Volkswagen Beetle and has warped several of them into perfect spheres and cubes. The look is so familiar and famous that even in such an unnatural state they are instantly recognizable.


Several of his pieces have been featured in galleries and installations in both his native Indonesia and in neighbouring Australia. It is a surreal sight to behold and is both entirely alien yet recognizable. It is certainly a style that will immediately grab your attention.



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