The Incredible Interactive Pond That Hosts Koi Fish Made Of Light

If you are Tokyo, Japan or will be visiting there before the end of August 2016, we strongly encourage you to take in the incredible sights at the Odaiba Minna no YUME-TAIRIKU 2016 festival. One especially gorgeous and incredible installation comes from the amazing minds at teamLab, who have crafted a kind of infinity pool illusion featuring interactive digital koi fish.




Visitors are encouraged to ‘wade’ through the shallow pool that sits in the center of a darkened room that is surrounded on all sides by mirrors. As you walk around, various light effects will take place and respond to your movement. Thousands of computer-generated koi fish made from light prowl the waters and respond to movement and interaction.




The ‘fish’ will change speed from time to time and if they make contact with you, they will burst into a colorful flower of light; you will leave a rainbow road in your wake. Just be sure not to slip, as the water is very real. So if you’re in Japan, be sure to experience this dazzling display of light and interactive technology.



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