The Most Incredible Playground in the World!

When people think of public playgrounds, we usually think about smaller jungle gyms with a slide, some swings, and monkey bars.
If you want a change of pace, try St. Louis.
The City Museum, St. Louis, Missouri

Built on the site of the now defunct International Shoe Company in St. Louis, Missouri, the City Museum is a massive 600,000 square foot urban playground. With a ball pit, a giant slide, two dismantled airplanes, and more, this park is seriously incredible!

city museum exterior 1

Look how tall this thing is!

The City Museum, St. Louis

The structure was designed by American sculptor, entrepreneur, and designer Bob Cassilly. Cassilly built his brainchild with the help of 20 other people called the Cassily Crew.

Rooftop - City Museum, St. Louis, MO

Check out the amazing structure in the video below! I need to climb this thing!

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