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This Man Removes One Letter From Movie Titles, Creates Clever Art That Tells A Different Story
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Elaborate Paintings That Spill Onto The Walls By Maki Ohkojima
This Is What Happens When Lava Meets The Ocean
Self-Taught Artist Works Wonders With Watercolour
This Table Has A Secret That Reveals Itself Only At Night. Absolutely Amazing!
With Music He Manipulates Sand, Liquids, Electricity, and Fire
Frost Transforms These Frozen Cars Into Art Pieces
Frost is a usual winter phenomenon, but depending on the right conditions, frost can form beautiful patterns. Window frost, or fern frost, or ice flowers is formed when a glass pane is exposed to freezing temperatures on the outside, and moderately moist air on the inside. This causes the water vapour particles to freeze to the glass in tree-like or star-like patterns. These patterns are affected and altered based on the imperfections in the glass, or dust particles. These photos reflect the beauty that nature can have, even in the coldest of months.
This Man’s Art Is Egg-Stravagant
Franc Grom, is a native of Slovenia. Over the last 18 years he has perfected his delicate art form. Grom uses asymmetrical motifs, inspired by his Slovenian heritage, with a pin, and pokes holes in eggshells to create beautifully intricate and fragile art pieces. With a lot of patience, Grom decorates these eggs for sale. The pricing starts at €100.00 per 1000 holes. One egg can take months to complete, but they are truly remarkable.
This Illustrator Fights With His Cartoons
Alex Solis is a Chicago-based artist, where he lives with his family. He is mostly an illustrator, known for creating clever cartoons, such as his Baby Terrors series which shows horror movie villains as infants. Solis’ work has also expanded to include books and graphic design. In his series "Inkteraction", Solis has drawn hilarious battles between him and his cartoons. Using any means necessary, his cartoons retaliate against Solis and the page, but are manipulated by Solis’ will of course. His talent and eye for detail are clear in these drawings.
Clever Teen Artist Brings His Illustrations To Life With Everyday Items
Kristián Mensa is a 17-year-old artist from the Czech Republic. Using everyday objects, Mensa gives them new life and new meaning in his clever drawings. Mensa takes these objects and creates a drawing based on a usually overlooked use for the item. Ever since childhood he has always been fascinated by the many dimensions ordinary objects can have. His goal is to shed new light on the most commonplace items. You can see more of his clever drawings on his Instagram.
This Woman Takes Photos Of Her Dog Going On Adventures While Sleeping
Rufus is a 3-year-old Pharaoh hound from Santa Monica, California. His owner Sara discovered that when her dog is asleep, very little will wake him up. As such, she takes advantage of Ruf’s naps to snap photos of his "Adventures While Sleeping". Using blankets, towels, and various other props, Sara creates an adventure around Ruf’s sleeping pose.
This Artist Will Make Your Child’s Fantasy A Reality
Wendy Tsao is a Canadian artist that makes children’s drawings come to life. It all started in 2007 when she was inspired by a self-portrait drawn by her son. She was drawn to the way her son visualized his artistic representation of himself, and wanting to give him a toy he could treasure and cherish forever, decided to turn his self-portrait into his very own "softie". After seeing the fantasy and wonder in these drawings, she decided to accept orders for custom softies. Her business is so popular, that she only takes 120 orders per year from people that are on a waiting list. You may subscribe to her website for email updates on her work, as well as when the next waiting list opens.
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