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Japanese Dragon Paintings Done, For The Most Part, With A Single Brush Stroke
Known as Hitofude Ryuu, which means Dragon with one stroke in Japanese, the following paintings originate from a studio called Kousyuuya in Nikko, Japan, where master painters have perfected this technique over four generations. Using nothing but paint and a brush, they start by creating an ornate dragon head and finish off drawing the body in just one stroke.
The Amazing Coffee Kiss Sculptures of Johnson Tsang
Chinese artist Johnson Tsang reaches deep into the well of cultural history to inspire himself and his art. His sculptures reflect the influences of the Western world by using a traditional drink for inspiration. Yuanyang is a local drink that showcases perfectly that very mix of influences; made from coffee and milk tea, both strong influences of Eastern and Western cultures are represented in the drink. In his art, Tsang uses ceramics and stainless steel to showcase a brief kiss amidst a splash of spilt Yuanyang.
Hypnotic Ceramic Art By Korean Master Potters
To celebrate Icheon and the revival of this Korean Ceramics tradition, the American Museum of Ceramic Art put together a video to capture the essence of the art– and they succeeded. By featuring several talented artists, the museum helped demonstrate the workmanship of Icheon art and its longevity. Icheon is an art form that has been a cultural tradition for over 5000 years, and one that will surely continue.
Old Clothing Transformed Into Modern Sculptures
Cuban born duo Guerra de la Paz use clothing as their medium. Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz are not designers nor tailors, but rather, incredible sculptors that breathe new life into old discarded clothing. Their unique talents have garnered them lots of media attention from the press and the art world, notably The Chicago Sun Times, The Huffington Post, the Washington post and The Wall Street Journal.
Chandeliers Made From Recycled Bike Chains by Facaro
Based in Los Angeles, Facaro (Carolina Fontoura Alzaga) does something rather peculiar; she transforms trashed bikes into gorgeous chandeliers. The old rims and bike chains Facaro finds at the garbage dump are re-imagined as luxurious, cascading chandeliers that catch your eye and your attention. Facaro strongly believes in sustainability and is currently concentrating her efforts into making new art forms from old materials.
Bee Art You Won't Bee-Lieve
Above Photo by William Eakin

Canadian artist Aganetha Dyck sought the help of some worker bees for her work. To call attention to the dwindling bee population, Dyck let bees alter porcelain figurines and other objects. The honeycombs add a certain artistic flair to the sculptures; the bees giving odd new additions to the pieces. Some of the work is rather comical, though all of these pieces have an incredible message. To learn more about the plummeting bee population and how you can help the situation, fly over to sos-bees and share with your friends to keep the buzz going.
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