Intricate Feather Carvings by Chris Maynard

The Cut Feather Shadowboxes gallery features unique feather inspired artwork by artist Chris Maynard. All of his pieces are created with feathers he obtained from private zoos and aviaries. There is a wide range of breathtakingly beautiful pieces in the expansive gallery, with a central focus on the various species of birds. The artist incorporates feathers of different bird species into his work to create textures, vivid colors, and unique outcomes. Many of his pieces are very intricately detailed, while others are simple and elegant.

Prints and original artwork are available
Photo credit: Featherfolio

Singing Bird
Ocellated Turkey and Impeyan Pheasant feathers – 14 by 11 inches

The Two Turkeys
Ocellated and American Turkey feathers – 15 by 13 inches

Swan Reflection
Mute Swan wing feathers – 14 by 17 inches

Macaw Dance
Blue and Gold Macaw feather – 14 by 11 inches

Kims Turkeys
Turkey feathers – 30 by 20 inches

Crowned Crane feather with Blue and Gold Macaw – 21 by 14 inches


Mallard feathers – 11 by 14 inches

Great Argus Pheasant feathers – 11 by 14 inches

RTB Cockatoo Female
Red-tail Black Cockatoo feathers, female – 22 by 30 inches

Pattern Flight
Great Argus Pheasant feathers – 16 by 20 inches

Pigeon Roost
Pigeon feathers – 11 by 14 inches

Ocellated Turkey feather and tiny peacock feathers – 11 by 14 inches

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