Kale Surfing, Watermelon Funerals And Orange Pools Are All Possible In This Set Of Miniature Food Sculptures

Fruits, veggies and household objects are used to bring a miniature world to life thanks to photographer William Kass. His unique style of photography is colourful and often depicts adventurous endeavours that will entice your very own intrepid side. Climbing corn? Water rafting chips? Getting lost in a jungle of vegetables? Bring it.

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Zucchini Circus Cannon

Pitaya Wall Climbing

Somewhere like Venice

Kale Surf

Watermelon Cemetery

The Old Man And The Sea

Indoor Climbing

Brazil Vs Mexico

Brazil Vs Croatia


Top of The Corn

Chili Fire

Salmon Beach

Lone Fisherman

Rafting on Chip Potatoes

RollerCoaster Pasta

Sumo Pizza

Spring break

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