Korean Artist Creates Organic Shapes And Creatures With Plastic Ties

This isn’t strictly a new form of recycling, nor is it necessarily a statement on the excess of plastic and other pollutants in our oceans (though that is certainly a conclusion that many could reach). The pieces and objects almost speak for themselves, though their creator Sui Park is only too happy to explain her objective with these works.



Sui Park is a New York based artist and interior architect born in Seoul, Korea and her work is often about creating three-dimensional flexible organic forms made from plastic. They are meant to have a comfortable ambience that is also dynamic as well as mystical or illusionary.




She states on her website, “It is an abstract representation of objects or concepts that recreates our surroundings. It can be interpreted in various ways including landscapes, living organisms, social ideas or values, anything that we accept as given that they exist.”




“Through my work, I try to create an opportunity for audiences to see, think and most of all feel our surroundings from various perspectives.” If that is her goal, then she has certainly succeeded. Some of her works feel like grandiose amoebas, and others are more like alien eggs, plants, or a school of dark and faceless fish. If you want to see her art in person, you can catch some of it this summer in Old Lyme, Connecticut.





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