Lenticular Clouds Over the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Granada

What you see above the Veleta, the second highest mountain (elevation of 3,398 m) in the Sierra Nevada, is a huge lenticular cloud just as the sun was setting over the district of Albaicín in Granada, Spain. Such bell-shaped clouds are formed when air is forced vertically on the downwind side of a mountain, where it then cools and condenses into cloud droplets. Shown in the foreground are the Alhambra Palace with the Vela Tower of the Alcazaba.

This photograph was taken at the ideal moment by Guido Montañés, mixing this beautiful lenticular cloud into the sunset.

About the photographer
Montañés Castillo, Guido, professional photographer born in Granada, Spain.
Contributed to National Geographic travel magazine and other media.
Member of the Astronomical Society grenadine.
Author of photography books: “Granada”, “The Alhambra”, “Sierra Nevada”, “The Alpujarras”, and other contributions in books.

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