L.A.’s ‘Liquid Shard’ Is The Most Mesmerizing Thing We’ve Ever Seen

Sometimes it takes some creative art and architecture to transform a public space for the better. By making places more interesting and engaging, we can ever so slightly improve the quality of life in an area. This is what happened to Los Angeles’ Pershing Square.
Located in the heart of downtown L.A., Pershing Square was recently home to an art installation by Patrick Shearn of Poetic Kinetics. Titled ‘Liquid Shard’, it is a dazzling and mesmerizing piece that gently moves in subtle air currents. When the wind picks up, it’s an incredible display.

Composed of holographic mylar and stretching an impressive 15,000 square feet across Pershing Square, it is turning heads and garnering all kinds of praise from visitors. Sadly, it’s last day was August 11th, 2016 so any attempts to see it now are wasted. However, you can enjoy the plethora of incredible videos featuring the artistic display.

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