London Architect And Designer Creates Origami-Inspired Bird Lights

Based in London with Turkish heritage, Umut Yamac has created exceptional origami-inspired birds that function as lamps and lighting, yet also flutter in the breeze. Whether functional or playful, Yamac always strives for some form of engagement in his work, and this birds are an excellent combination of both.


The artist really says it best himself: “A family of six sculptural lamps celebrate the beauty and poetry of a bird perched on a branch, rocking darkness away when set in motion. Crafted from paper in the form of an abstract bird sitting on a branch, these sunlit birds are free to swing when softly touched, gently glowing and bringing along the promise of spring.”


Though having a Turkish name and Turkish heritage, Yamac was born in London in 1980. Later in life, he graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL with a focus on design. He worked internationally with others before establishing himself in 2011. His work is split between objects and public spaces, but both feature his devotion to engagement and aesthetic beauty.


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