Macro-Photographs of Dew-Covered Dragonflies Are Hauntingly Beautiful

Dragonflies: Terrifying Insect Hell-Spawn of the Deep.
Okay, so maybe they aren’t the most awful insect to ever curse the planet with their pressence, but I’m not exactly itching to get chummy with one, either.

sympetrum striolatum by David Chambon on

Well, it seems like David Chambon totally is, because he’s got an impressive portfolio of high-res, up close photos of the little bugs. Even though I’m not a fan of insects, you can’t deny the intricate beauty of his photos

dragonfly wing by David Chambon on

The most endearing photos are the ones that are taken early in the morning, when the sleepy dragonflies are still dripping with morning dew. Each droplet forms perfectly around the body of the globe-eyed wing beast, lining it like a crystalline-sculpture made of micro beads or tiny jewels that would sell for hundreds of dollars at a hoity-toity jewelry store.

orthetrum cancellatum by David Chambon on

Morning dew by David Chambon on

portrait by David Chambon on

Morning dew by David Chambon on

Hello :) by David Chambon on

portrait by David Chambon on

Orthetrum reticule by David Chambon on

check out more of his works here!

asilide by David Chambon on

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