Made From Junk, These Beautiful Bugs Won’t Bite

Edouard Martinet, a french artist, has been fascinated with insects since he was a young boy. Now, 40 years after his fascination first sprung, he has become “the art world’s virtuoso insectophile” by creating beautiful scrap metal sculptures of insects, animals and fish.”¨

“¨What makes his pieces especially extraordinary is that he does not solder or weld any of pieces; he screws them together! Martinet estimates “[that] it takes [him] about a month to make a sculpture and will often work on two or three pieces at the same time. It took him just four weeks to make his first sculpture and 17 years for his most recent completion!”

Wasp – 28 X 16 X 40H cm
Abdomen : steel tips for boots, bike headlights – Thorax and head : steel tips and bells from bikes and typewriters – Eyes : vintage watch case – Antennae : spectacles arms – Legs : bike brakes , bike chain , spoon handles – Wings : glass

Butterfly – 63 X 36 X 57 H cm
Wings : moped chain guards – Legs : bike brake parts , pieces of windshield wipers , bike chains – Abdomen : old acetylene light tank – Thorax : car suspension part, small spoon parts , cream chargers – Head : headlights, bike parts – Butterfly trunk : clock springs – Hair : pieces of a daisy wheel – Antennae : brake cables, on the top : drawer knobs

Praying Mantis


Red ant – 65 X 42 X 22 cm
Thorax and head : sauce spoons, car parts – Eyes : marbles – Abdomen : bike or motorbike headlights – Antennae: small bike chains – Legs: cream chargers , brake parts , chains, alarm clock feet , spoon handles

Moth – 78 X 42 X 17 H cm
Wings : moped chain guards ( rusted and patinated) – Abdomen : motorbike headlights – Thorax : very old car headlamp – Legs : large upholstery tacks, car boot hinges, pieces of windshield wipers, bike brake parts, chain guards – Head : old rear position lamps , bike parts, pieces of a daisy wheel – Butterfly trunk : clock springs – Antennae : aluminium heating resistor

Green Beetle


Raven – 63 X 30 X 33 H cm
Legs: secateur springs – Body and feather: bike chain guards, motorbike fender – Neck: piece of an old radio loudspeaker, Solex fender – Head: motorbike rear light – Eyes: spyholes – Beak (bill): bike rear lights

Dragonfly – 95 X 125 X 38 H cm
Abdomen: patinated copper/brass bicycle pump, car horn part, parts of old acetylene bike lights ( at the ends) – Thorax : two motorbike rear lights , shell-shaped drawer handles, big upholstery tacks – Head: car or lorry old stop lights, parts of acetylene bike lights, parts of a daisy wheel for typewriter ( hair from the mouth) – Legs: tubes, bike cable guide, wing nuts, wire – Wings: umbrella ribs, wire, wire netting for hen coops

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