How To Make Your Very Own Preserved Dandelion Paperweight

One is tempted to ask how this is possible, as it seems to be an almost impossible task. When a dandelion is in this state, it’s called a ‘dandelion clock’ and it’s famous for its seeds that can be send careening into the sky from a simple breath. They are a plaything of children, and sometimes used to make wishes.

These are 100 percent real dandelion seed puffs that have been carefully preserved in a ball of resin, creating the stunning illusion of a dandelion clock encased in glass. They make for a unique and incredible paperweight. However, these beauties are a tad pricey ($80), but there is a video that offers a tutorial of sorts for your own version should you choose to do so.




Watch how you can make your own dandelion paperweight (or you can buy one here)

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