The Natural 24-Hour Clock That Uses The Colors Of The Day To Tell Time

If you are a slave to exacting schedules and being perfectly punctual on arrival, then this may be slightly infuriating. Rather than using it as a stressful schedule manger, Scott Thrift would rather you enjoy a peaceful relationship with your timepiece. His latest work that is featured here is titled ‘Today’ and is a 24-hour clock that revolves around the colors of the sky.



There are no numbers; only a restoration of a more natural balance that we evolved to deal with in the first place. The soothing color gradients are broken down into dawn, noon, dusk, twilight, midnight, and the pre-dawn aura before repeating again.



It’s a slower and more gradual transition that can help take a bit of stress out of the day while also being a beautiful and colorful addition to any space. It can even stretch your perception of time, and it can also serve as a reminder that every day is a gift.



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