Nature Brought to Life with Wooden Sculptures

Lions and polygons and bears, oh my!
Polish artist Mat Szulik has used his talent to meld the digital with the natural, and the result is truly mesmerizing.
wood frog

Using 3D mapping software, Szulik has made polygonal models of 8 different animals. Then, with extreme precision, he carves the 3D modeled animals out of wood. It’s a process that must take serious finesse to get the lines so clean.

wood bear

Wood caribou

The result is a collection of wooden models that aren’t quite digital, but aren’t really natural either – bordering the two spheres in a particularly cerebral way.

To boot, Szulik has constructed wooden backdrops, placing the animals in their “natural” environments and photographing them in superbly high definition. It’s hard to decide which is more stunning – the photos or the models.

wood elephant

Wood giraffe




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