Nature’s Most Unbelievable Trees Look Like They’re From Another Planet

We tend to take trees for granted. We’re surrounded by them and, since each region has it’s own varieties that are native, the lack of variation means they tend to blend into the background.
Of course, when you see unusual trees, they can be quite eye-catching. Take a look at this list of beautiful and rare trees from around the world. Maybe you’ll realize some of the majesty that you’ve been missing out on.
1. 125-year old Rhodendron “tree” – Canada
This “tree” is actually a shrub!
1 tree

2. 144-Year old Wisteria – Japan
This one is almost half an acre across. That’s massive!
Ashikaga Flower Park 2011
3. Baobab trees – Madagascar
Their trunks store water, making them a savior during droughts.

Madagascar by confitalsurf on

4. Avenue of Oaks – South Carolina, U.S.A.

Dixie Plantation by L W Sosby on

5. Jacarandas – Cullinan, South Africa

It is purple in Cullinan by Elizabeth Kendall on

6. Rainbow Eucalyptus – Kauai, Hawaii, U.S.A.
Sometimes this multi-colored bark and pulpwood is used to make paper.
Rainbow Giant

7. Dragon’s Blood – Yemen
It’s named for its red sap, which serves a variety of purposes – from varnish to dye to home remedies.

Methuselahs-Dragonblood Trees by Csilla Zelko on

8. Blooming Cherry Trees – Bonn, Germany

A carpet of cherry blossom by Adas Meliauskas on

9. Antarctic Beech Draped in Hanging Moss – Oregon, U.S.A.
This one is unusual, as it is native to Chile and Argentina.

Antarctic Beech by Drew Hopper on

10. Japanese Maple – Oregon, U.S.A.
Japanese Maple

11. The Dark Hedges – Northern Ireland
These trees were featured in Game of Thrones!


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