Ocean Atlas: The Girl Who Carries The Ocean On Her Back

Called the largest underwater sculpture in the world, this imposing yet beautiful creation by Jason deCaires Taylor is yet another in a staggering and impressive collection of undersea oddities. His work can be found beneath the water’s surface of several famous international destinations, such as the Bahamas and Mexico.


Born in 1974 to English and Guyanese parents, Jason spent much of his early life in Europe and Asia, especially Malaysia. It was there that he explored the coral reefs which have no doubt had an impact on his artistic style. His underwater sculptures are designed with the future in mind, as they become artificial reefs over time.



And the weight upon this Atlas’ back is quite real. Stress on aquatic environments from warming oceans, over-fishing, and pollution mean the weight of the world’s waters are truly upon this girl, though perhaps we humans should consider taking some of the load off.



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