An Old Church Has Found An Incredible New Life As Gallery Space

It is no stretch of the imagination to call churches the skyscrapers of the Middle Ages. Church steeples were always the tallest structures in cities and villages, and the soaring arches and beautiful interiors of such houses of worship would have been some of the most breathtaking beauty any medieval peasant was likely to see in their lifetime.
However, as time marched on, less and less people went to church and the result has often led to the permanent closing of doors. But there is one church in Scunthorpe, England that has managed to find a new and incredible life for itself in this quiet corner of the United Kingdom.

Our Colour Reflection, 2016 by Liz West – Images by Hannah Devereux


The former church of St John the Evangelist was completed early in the year of 1891 and cost over 20,000 British Pounds to build and complete. While a beauty to behold, parishioners could not be enticed by beauty alone and the final church service was held on the 29th of April, 1984.


For sixteen years, the once mighty church was left a derelict husk in the middle of town. But the brand new millennium brought brand new ideas and vigor. The church was converted into an arts center, and the most prominent of current exhibits is “Our Colour Reflection” by Liz West. Her work is on show until June 25th, 2016 and is a wonderful sight to behold. As the sun moves across the span of a day, the reflections and colors change; bringing new dazzling colors to the once-forgotten arches of this house of God.







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