Only Glue And Over 300,000 Toothpicks Have Been Used In This Toothpick City

American Bob Morehead is passionate about toothpicks. It might seem like an odd passion at first glance, but his work proves that his passion and artistic talent is what allows us to pick him from a crowd. Over 8 years have been poured into his Toothpick City, and an estimated 300,000 toothpicks have sacrificed their original purpose to become part of his impressive piece.

Shown above is only a section of the city. It is made with over 100,000 toothpicks and is still work-in-progress.

Toothpick Art by Bob Morehead – FacebookdeviantARTWebsite

Abby Gail Tower – consists of approx. 10,000 toothpicks


Nikki’s Treehouse – over 5,000 toothpicks

La Medusa (the jellyfish) – 4,000 toothpicks

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