3D Chalk Drawings That Will Trick Your Eyes

Julian Beever is an English chalk artist that creates mind-boggling chalk drawings on pavement surfaces since the mid-90s. His 3D illusions are drawn in a distorted way that appears normal when viewed from a particular point.

Treasure Hunting

Pre-Modernist And Post-Modernist

Push The Boat Out

Waste Of Water…

Explosion in Paris

Fish Supper at the Beach

A Slight Accident In A Railway Station

This drawing was to be viewed using an inverting mirror.


Save Us!

Eiffel Tower Sand-Sculpture

Let’s be friends

Oh Crumbs!

Arctic Street Conditions with Soft Drink

Self-Portrait Of The Artist

Swimming Pool In The High Street

Swimming Pool Viewed From The “Wrong” Side

Make Poverty History

Make Poverty History From The Side

Girl On A Beach Mat

Politicians Meeting Their End

Visit Julian Beever’s official website for more of his work.

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