In Order To Turn The Pages Of This Book, You Must First Solve A Puzzle

In a quest to improve the state of puzzles and surpass the status quo, an intrepid artist from Ames, Iowa has come up with something wonderful and unique. Brady Whitney has developed the ‘Codex Silenda’, a wooden book that contains a short story yet all pages are locked with a wooden puzzle.



In order to turn each page, you must first ‘unlock’ it by solving the puzzle on the previous page. While each page is the thickness of a book in its own right, they are beautiful to behold for both the quality of materials and the puzzles themselves.



This product is only possible with the help of a powerful laser that can cut through quarter-inch thick wood quickly and efficiently. This allows for the great design and complexity in such a finicky material. The project is currently being funded on kickstarter, so you may want to get these before they’re gone.




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