The Outstanding Origami Of A Spanish Artist

Origami is the art of paper folding, and is most often associated with the Asian nation of Japan. It is a difficult and arduous skill to learn, since it involves transforming a flat skeet of paper into a finished sculpture. While many of us may have made the odd paper crane in school or at a camp, the detail can be so much more intense.
While origami is a Japanese craft, a modern day master of it happens to live in Madrid, Spain. Gonzalo García Calvo is an origami extraordinaire and enthusiast whose original and copied designs are anything but simplistic. From animals to objects, he brings an incredible understanding of the craft to our eyes.
Other artists have inspired him and offered designs, which he credits and reflects on his flickr page. When asked what made him attracted to origami, he replied with “it’s like a puzzle. You have to move the flaps around so that they end up fitting perfectly, like fine machinery.” It’s impressive to think that all these shapes and detail simply came out of the folds of pieces of paper.

Origami Violin - Gen Hagiwara

Reach the heaven

Are you coming with me?

Origami Rose - Toshikazu Kawasaki


Climb Peaks

Origami Moai - Andrei Ermakov

T-Rex Skeleton - Issei Yoshino

Origami Cardinal - Sebastien Limet

Origami Grand Piano - Patricia Crawford

Origami Hippocampus - Román Díaz

Origami Yoda - Fumiaki Kawahata

SR71 - Toshikazu Kawasaki

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