Paper Sculptures Made From One Single Piece Of Paper

Exquisite and fragile seem to be what Danish born artist, Peter Callesen, eats for breakfast. His intricate sculptures are all made from paper and as if that wasn’t impressive enough, he makes each individual sculpture from only one piece of A4 paper. He uses paper as his material of choice because he claims it’s probably the most common and consumed media used for carrying information today.

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Half Way Through, 2006

The Painter, 2010

Working almost exclusively with white paper, he brings high value, both aesthetically and monetarily, to paper with his talent.

The Roots of Heaven, 2009

The Birds of the Air, 2009

Cut To The Bone II, 2008

The Core of Everything, 2006

Although a few of the pieces are coloured and framed, the majority of his work is made from plain, white paper.

Alive, but Dead, 2006

Made with a single sheet of paper, Callesen’s process brings new meaning to the word meticulous. He has to take into consideration both the negative and the positive perspectives of the artwork.

Holding on to Myself, 2006

Crying My Eyes Out, 2008

Bound To Be Free, 2008

Cowboy, 2006

Mirage II, 2005

Callesen often draws inspiration from nature, dreams and fairytales, themes that are obvious in most of his sculptures.

Distant Wish, 2006

Running Fire II, 2010

Resurrection, 2008

Down the River

With varying tools (including a scalpel and a dentist’s tool), Callesen is able to achieve his designs. He folds, cuts and glues paper to create his work (and what could quite possibly be the awesomest form of origami).

In the Shadow of an Orchid

White Hand, 2007

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