Paraplegic Man Walks Daughter Down the Aisle at Her Wedding

Chris Palmer lost his ability to walk in 2012 due to an aggressive form of cancer.
As he lay in the hospital, Chris began to think about how he would never be able to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding.
When Rex Bionics heard about Chris’ plight, they happily landed a hand, of sorts. In fact, they actually lent Chris some legs.


With the help of their robotic suit, designed specifically to help people without the ability to walk, Chris was able to attend his daughter’s wedding without the use of a wheelchair.

Chris was even able to walk her down the aisle liked he’d always hoped he would.

Thanks to Rex Bionics generosity, the wedding went off without a hitch and Chris was able to savour the occasion as he’d always wanted – on his own two feet.


Paralyzed Father Walks Daughter Down The Aisle

Posted by BuzzFeed Video on Wednesday, 25 May 2016


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