People Photograph ‘Force of Nature’ All Around the World

Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with, and it seems like Lorenzo Quinn knows that quite well. Inspired by natural disasters in the southern United States and Thailand, Quinn created a series of statues entitled “Force of Nature”. Each statue, standing at about 8.2 feet tall, depicts Mother Nature in a gravity-defying pose while swinging the Earth in a sling.
Quinn says that he modeled the statues, each a little different from the rest, after comparable statues made by the Ancient Greeks to appease the Gods. He has scattered them around the world in places such as England, Singapore, the U.S., Morocco, and others.

A photo posted by H. AL GHANEM (@snappster) on

Mother Nature looks pretty powerful. It’s okay though, because it seems like she still loves us at least a little.

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