Photographer Captures the Gentle Majesty of Japan’s Rainy Season

After-rain weather and Japanese landscapes – two of things on my “most favorite parts of nature” list. I’ve never been to Japan personally, but I hope to go one day. Until then, I’ve got Hidenobu Suzuki to clue me in on the majesty of the country during rainy weather season. There is a serenity and tranquility to these photos that I don’t often get to see – having spent most of my life living in booming metropolises.
Check out Hidenobu Suzuki’s incredible works below. They’re absolutely gorgeous!

Nachi of rain by Hidenobu Suzuki on

Rain waterfall by Hidenobu Suzuki on

entice by Hidenobu Suzuki on

beautiful mind by Hidenobu Suzuki on

prayer by Hidenobu Suzuki on

Folding screen picture by Hidenobu Suzuki on

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