Ex-Military Photographer Captures Portraits Of Portuguese Man o’ Wars

Although he is now an ex-military photographer who retired from the Navy in 2007, Aaron Ansarov has always had a fascination with marine life. In his childhood days, he would wander off into the Floridian wilderness in the hopes of getting lost. When he turned 18 and joined the US Navy, he hoped for the same.



He first picked up a camera when he was just 8 years old, and it has been his canvas of choice ever since. It ultimately led to him becoming the top in his field of military photography, and he has now applied his acquired skills and talent toward capturing the colorful beauty of Portuguese man o’ wars.




His series on the subject, titled “Zooids,” focuses on highlighting the incredible details of these marine creatures. They are siphonophores, which are colonies of highly specialized different organisms rather than a single animal. Though the creatures are dangerous, they are otherworldly and beautiful when captured in this medium.



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