Photographer Gives Us A Unique Look At Hong Kong’s Skyscrapers

Paintings, sketches, and photos of skylines from around the world have a certain beauty to them, but Australian photographer Peter Stewart gives us a different perspective when it comes to the skyscrapers of Hong Kong. In fact, he quite literally takes a ‘bottom-up’ approach.

Australian by birth but currently based in Hong Kong, Peter never picked up a camera until 2009. After that, he claims he began to see the world differently. Nowhere else is that more exemplified than in his photography. He shows that the buildings can be inspiring, imposing and daunting all at once. Be they old or new, they are confronting as they allude to a shortage of space and the absence of good air and light amidst the urban jungle.

In his own words: “I lust for capturing bustling cityscapes and dynamic landscapes wherever my passport will take me, but I also have a growing passion for street portraiture and documentary photography of the sights that go otherwise unseen…My goal is simply to create images that make you go ‘wow.'” By offering us a unique perspective at Hong Kong’s skyward geometry, we think he’s more than accomplished that.

The Grid


The Trench Run II

Into The Grid

The Trench Run III

Tunnel Vision

Soaring High

Between These walls

Chasing Light

Three's a Crowd

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