Police Offer Vacant Cruiser to House Unlikely Citizens

What Happened Here?
At first glance, it looks like a crime scene barricaded by police tape.

What’s This?
But why is there an umbrella duct-taped to the windshield? 

Someone’s Home.
Upon closer inspection of the scene, it’s apparent that a mourning dove has chosen the top of this police cruiser as a home for her two eggs. She has built her nest and settled in between the windshield and hood of the car which is parked in the Parma Police Department parking lot.

Helping Hands.
The officers at Parma Police Department in Ohio have sectioned off the patrol car and won’t be using it until the dove and her baby birds leave the nest. They have put the umbrella there for protection from the elements. They even fend for mama bird by bringing her worms and fresh water.

Lieutenant Kevin Riley of the Parma Police Department said, “We care for all lives, human and animal. So the officers took care here to make sure this bird, which they’ve nicknamed Gerty, is taken care of and can take care of her young here in the cruiser.”

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