Ridiculously Photogenic Snowflakes Through Macro Photography by Alexey Kljatov

Moscow based photographer Alexey Kljatov mainly focuses on macro photography of natural snowflakes. After 6 years of mastering different techniques, he is capable of capturing sumptuous shots that’ll leave you pondering… “How can this possibly be real?!” Using a very inexpensive homemade setup, Kljatov capture snowflakes in two modes – on a glass sheet with LED backlight and diffusor, or on a dark opaque background (woolen fabric) with only the natural light of a cloudy sky. The results are amazingly detailed and no two snowflakes are alike.

Alexey Kljatov on Flickr

The core – medium size snowflake, around 4 mm

Hex appeal – simple hexagonal plate, around 1.5 mm


Ice rainbow

Alien’s data disk – simple hexagonal plate, around 2mm

Almost triangle – slightly melted small snowflake, around 2mm

Capped column

Web – under 2mm

Ornate pattern – medium size snowflake, 3 or 4 mm in diameter

Dark star

The following are examples of unprocessed shots.

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