Rippling Sculptures Made From Sea Shells

I have never truly understood fashion, but I can appreciate a lot of the effort that goes into it, especially when I saw an exhibition in Montreal featuring the works of Jean Paul Gaultier. His designs were filled with all kinds detail and tactile wonders. I am getting similar vibes from Rowan Mersh and his sea shell sculptures.



I hate to use the phrase “jack of all trades,” but Mersh has kept himself busy with sculpture, design, and even fashion, hence my earlier mentioning of Gaultier. Mersh’s projects involving experimental textiles are a wonder to look at, entertaining your eyes by virtue of their own magnificence and detail.



Though his process is labor-intensive due to the necessity of being assembled by hand, his pieces ripple like live coral beneath the waves of a Caribbean paradise. Living and working in London, England, Mersh has often exhibited internationally with Gallery FUMI to much praise and appreciation. Seeing such fluid motion from solid pieces, it’s not hard to see why.





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